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Classic Movie Cars LV

Get the right look for your period piece or timeless vibes for your music video with beautiful movie and TV production rentals from Vegas Vintage Classic Car Rentals in Las Vegas. You may have already seen us in one of our many appearances on the History Channel’s Counting Cars.

Conjure up feelings of class, nostalgia, or the cool vibe of juiced-up rides from simpler times. We’ve got just the classic luxury car to fit the bill.

  • Blockbuster Films
  • TV Commercials
  • Advertising Shoots
  • Editorials
  • Music Videos
  • Period Piece Productions

Unforgettable Movie Cars

Both Keanu Reeves (John Wick) and Steve McQueen (Bullitt) took on the mob in classic mustangs. The Oscar-winning film Thelma and Louise stars Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, and their 1966 Ford Thunderbird. What would classics like American Graffiti and Grease be without some pretty slick looking vehicles?

  • Eye-Catching, Era-Specific Models – Buicks, Cadi’s, Chevies, Fords, Shelby’s & Pontiacs
  • Cool Looking Convertibles, Coupes, Hatchbacks, SUV’s & Trucks
  • Chrome, Fins, Hot Wheels, & Unique Trims

For Unique & Timeless – Go Retro

Iconic car scenes call for iconic cars. What would a spy drive in the 50’s or a playboy collect in the 60’s – Ford Mustangs, Ford Thunderbirds, Cadillac DeVilles. Make sure the production vehicles on your set truly reflect the era you’re going for. Our car enthusiasts know these vehicles inside and out and can help you match the right auto to the right production.

  • Promote your brand with coveted collectibles.
  • Upgrade your backdrops with a true-to-time authentic.
  • Add star-power to gigs, galas, and other promotional events.
  • Give your musical maven something to really sing about.

Production-Ready Classics

With an 8,200 square foot, climate controlled indoor showroom, you can be sure our inventory is always ready for quick delivery. We’re also located just 5 minutes from the Strip for easy access wherever you’re set up to shoot.

  • Delivery To Your Location
  • Set Up Service 
  • Driver Provided
  • Hourly & Daily Rates 

Rent Vintage Movie Cars 

Musicians, influencers, advertising agencies, producers, and other cinema professionals are welcome. Browse our picture-perfect movie and TV production rental fleet in Las Vegas. Vegas Vintage Classic Car Rentals are ready for their close up in your next Las Vegas production.

Classic Rentals & Unbeatable Service

At Vegas Vintage Classic Car Rentals we go above and beyond your typical car rental service. Hotel delivery? You’ve got it! Personalized services on your production set? You bet. Our cars are meticulously cared for, our fleet is unique, and our customer service just can’t be beat.

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